Custom Solutions

EduTec offers consulting and different solutions for installations of ICT infrastructures that allow efficiently teaching with tablets. We mainly focus on the aspects of mobile and wireless technologies because of numerous advantages.

Compared to a fixed Computer, a tablet offers diverse advantages:

  • The tablet is mobile, which allows the user to work with it anywhere in and outside of the classroom.
  • The tablet is permanently and instantly ready to be used (no waste of time for starting the computer).
  • The tablet allows to take pictures and to make videos with its integrated camera (no other device is needed).
  • The tablet disposes of a big range of applications that enable immediate editing of the recorded videos and pictures and the integration of those into other productions, as for example multimedia presentations.
  • The tablet (iPad) can be connected to a projector via an Apple TV, which allows to instantly project its screen to a wall, white board or screen, without a cable connection.
  • The tablet makes it easy to access, update and share data (for example by means of a cloud).
  • The tablet increases students’ motivation and participation.
  • The tablet promotes the development and the enhancement of the students’ media skills (21rst century skills).